Like A Submarine

this submarine was created by welder who had not previous experience in shipbuilding. However, he wanted to raise a sunken Cruise ship. He tested the submarine and successfully raised many small wrecks. But during one storm, the submarine broke loose and was shipwrecked in it’s current location.

When We Lose Empathy, Compassion Follows

What struck me was that she’s asking me to have consideration for others while screaming over a crying infant who I was changing.

All through the web, and when I open the Bible, I’m reminded that our words can tear a person down our build them up. I am reminded of the power of our words.

We throw out phrases like: consideration, sympathy, empathy, but I sense these are just key words. Words that we have to remember without actually exercising their meaning.

Is The Grass Greener?

  Happy Friday everyone!  Today, I’m over at Yvonne’s: Empowerment Moments Blog.  Today, I’m talking about feeding the seeds of discontent, and how we feel that someone’s circumstances are perceived to be better than our own....

5 Hair Lessons on Life

Yesterday, as I was latching, twisting, and pinning my dreadlocks down, I realize that I wasn’t doing anything that the hair gurus had been teaching. A long time ago, I know I would have; I would have hung on their every word. Run away from mineral oil? Check....

DIY – Bubble Soap Recipe

Let me know if this happens to you or your children: It’s warm out, and all your kids want to do is blow bubbles, but you know every time you buy bubbles the following happen: After one day, the bubbles are gone, leaving you with an empty container. Soon after...

Life Through My Lens Thursday — Week 13

Last time on Life Through My Lens Thursday, we left off with Sally talking to Linus.  To check out what happened before in this series, check out Week 10, and Week 11! Here is the conclusion of this soap opera! *** Everyone was following Linus as he was running away...

Wordless Wednesday: April

  Yesterday was April 1st, so to celebrate it, we stepped outside and enjoyed the sun. No tricking each other. No jokes on each other. Just pure fun. I held Little Z’s hand while Zee told me all about her picnic plans–because according to...

Musically Monday: Say Something

  For this last Monday of March (actually last day of March all together) I want to share a song about vulnerability, and heartfelt. I’ve heard this song on the radio when I was driving around doing my errands, and it touched a cord within me. And I will...

Sunday Thoughts: On Freedom

  Every Sunday I share with you an image, a scripture quote, my thoughts, and a prayer.  These are my thoughts, one post at a time.   The Picture:     I was looking through my pictures to find something that was going to make me smile.  An image...

Week Through My Lens — Week 12

Life Through My Lens Thursday Photography Challenge is my take on a Project 52.  I chose one object – Linus – and decided to photograph him using different themes and techniques.  Other times, I’ll make a story out of the photographs that I take.  To see the beginning...

Sunday Thoughts: Be Careful How You Think

Have you ever noticed that when you say: “Today is a bad day.”, you really start to have a bad day? That you cannot see anything good in that day, and all you see is the negativity around you.

But what happens when you change that? What happens when something bad happens but you don’t let that take over? When you tell yourself that: “Yes this happened, but it doesn’t define my whole day.”

Random Friday: Cheddar Cheese and Wrap Dresses!

I had a great time Tuesday! I relaxed, painted my nails, enjoyed a day of pampering, signed up for another domain name, and just had fun! I didn’t want much for my special day, since everything I would like cannot get right now, and honesty, getting it wouldn’t increase my happiness–so I have to ask myself, do I need it. But who am I kidding, it’s fun to gush over things that you like!

Life Through My Lens — Week 11

Last week, we left off with Linus running away from his two friends, and not sure what to say to either one of them if they caught up to him. But in his time of running, he didn’t know the craziness he was creating….let’s see what happens.

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